Glossy Ballerinas

Give your arches a break! I’m a big fan of flats in the work place, and there are never enough colors/patterns to mix up an outfit. Aren’t these ballet flats just beautiful? The “Glossy Ballerinas” by Zara have just the right amount of shine on a neutral base. Perfect for work, wedding, or special occasion when you want to stand out without your feet screaming in pain. (Available here for $69.90).




Flower Power Eggs

Looking for another way to liven up your breakfast? How about some Flower Power Eggs? I love making these because they are easy, healthy, and have  bell peppers in them.

There’s no recipe, really, just three steps:

1) Cut bell peppers into 1/2 inch rings

2) Place in a non-stick lightly oiled skillet

3) Crack an egg in the middle of each ring and cover and cook over low heat until done.

If you like your yolks runny, just cook over low heat until whites are done. If you like your yolks firm, break the yolks and then cook over low heat until both whites and yolks are firm.

Flower Power Eggs. Groovy Baby!

Our First Tree

Before you throw out your gorgeous pine tree, make sure you do this Christmas ornament idea with your beloved one! It’s way too easy and way too perfect to not save this memory. Ladies… this is not woodshop class so becareful with the saw and sissors!

Merry Christmas!

xmas tree


Trick and Fix Your Broken Powder

Believe me your make up bag will love you for life after you read this trick !!!! Follow the simple steps below on fixing your favorite compact. This works for any kind of powder based makeup, such as bronzers, blot powders, eyeshadows, whatever!


1.) Simply add a few drops of alchol to your broken powder. Don’t worry about the alcohol staying in the powder and causing your skin to dry out, it will completely evaporate.

2.) Smudge the soft soaking powder around, making it into a paste-like substance and re-form it by smoothing it out with your finger. You will know exactly what to do!


3.)  Let it dry overnight and it’s ready to use!  Ta-da!!!!

dry make up



Bread Tag Technology!?

If writing about technology has taught me anything, it’s that products and processes can always be improved. No matter how smart an idea seems, there’s a good chance it’ll get blown out of the water by something new later down the line. And it doesn’t just apply to the high-tech world. Your little efficient household habits can always stand an improvement. Like this: You might find your cable jungle gets easier to navigate if you label each cord with BREAD TAGS! I know these were good for something!



Glitter Dress- YES!

Glitter is a girls best friend, and I’m sure Kesha agrees. Ring in the New Year with these two amazingly affordable seasonal picks….classy and sexy! 

Karin Sequin Dress at $50



Zara Sequinned Dress $159


zara cocktail dress