The Beach Babe Chair

An Olympic games, a U.S. presidential election and the end of the world are already planned for 2012, but what I’m really concerned about is finding the perfect beach chair for my summertime tan!

We tend to sell ourselves short when it comes to comfort on the beach so look no further because I nearly died when I saw The Ostrich Multi Position 3N1 Beach Chair! You’ll understand the importance of this chair per the my backyard picture above!

It lets you relax in almost any position and allows you to longer read comfortably while tanning you back. When lying on your stomach the face flap opens and the cushions come up. Just close the flap when on your back. The back of the chair adjusts to 5 different positions and the foot rest can be put into 3 different positions.

This chair is backed by chiropractors because it helps to reduce neck and lower back pain.

Other features include a extra wide Hardwood arms, a carrying handle, a cup holder, fabric that is quick to dry and you can easily clean it with warm water and mild detergent, and a aluminum frame is rust proof and lightweight so it is a breeze to carry.

Purchase Here:


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