A New Way to Travel

Attention to all my jet setting, social savvy friends!!! Iphone user… EVEN BETTER! is the coolest, newest, and most innovative companies in the market today. Traveling just got ten times easier and more efficient than ever– all by just asking your friends!

First, go to or download the app from your Iphone, then log-in with your Facebook Account. Ask your friends for recommendations, trip plans, popular places, and so much more! It’s SUPER simple to use and it only makes your traveling experience better.

We all have friends across the country who travel across the world… so why not share your traveling experiences?! For example, my friend Jessica ate at this really amazing resturant in Hawaii 6 months ago, so she could recommend that same exact place when I go.

I can’t tell you how many times I have had friends or acquaintances come to Los Angeles with a Facebook message about what they should do while they are traveling around Southern California… I’m a great tour guide, but only to a certain extent! When you see how operates you will be addicted!

Check out their Trailer above so that you understand exactly what I’m talking about! (And yes, this rediculous house in the opening scene is only a few blocks away from whereI live in Manhattach Beach, CA) So download the app today and start traveling! The world is your playground, get moving!


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