Best Practices in Social Media

Engagement. Not the love-romance-white dress-wedding kind… I’m talking about the social media kind!

I’m spilling my secret sauce to those who are looking for ways to build their brand via social media– beyond just push messaging. Many of my friends are entrepreneurs and have asked me to share my best practices in social media, so I decided to include it on my blog.

I try and break down everything that I do to a “stupid simple” situation. A Facebook Fan Page is like going to a party, no one goes to it to hear one song play on repeat. It’s about the food, the drinks, the people, the atmosphere, and essentially the whole purpose of the party.

Who is going to break the ice? The Brand.

Having a conversation and humanizing your product is what talks to people and sells your authenticity. That being said below are some nitty gritty posting suggestions to get the crowd going…

1) Use Real Photo Images. Use an image with every post! No one wants to see a picture they can see in a menu. It’s okay if the picture is not perfect. When we order food from a restaurant it never comes out the way it looks anyways, but we still eat it. Right?

2) Tag brands/names/companies by using the @ sign in status updates. This generates more organic growth and connects pages instantaneously.

3) Shorten all your links by using this amazing site. Not only does this make the post more attractive, it TRACKS how many people click on your link and where they are coming from in real time. (I love using this on my personal account sometimes too)

Caution:  Sometimes it enables a thumbnail to populate, so make sure there is always an image with the link that you post, therefore making it visually enhancing.

4) PinterestThis is next HOT social media site– a new social media/ online pin board. Use this strategically for images and creative ideas. This website is especially popular among women, who account for 58% of Pinterest’s traffic. This has exploded within the past 3 months with 7.51 million unique visitors in December alone. Pinterest is now driving more referral traffic on the web than Google+, YouTube, Reddit, and LinkedIn — combined. Get Pinning ASAP!!!

5) Fill in the blank. This type of post has very high engagement and can give you a chuckle into how creative people can get.

6) Share Button. Asking your fans to “share ” if they agree with your post. The share button is way more powerful than “like” could ever be. This continues the organic social sharing method. Hold contests and randomly pick winners that share an image rather than “like”

The Facebook algorithm concludes that 30% of your Facebook Friends see your status updates and you see 10% of Brands Status Updates.

More social insights to come! So Party on Brands and get Social!



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