Modern Day Relationships AND Social Dating Tips

February is the month of love…

Relationships these days seem to be slightly disposable. There’s no doubt about how the digital world has drastically accelerated relationships in modern-day.  The physical world and digital world are confused into a shade of grey.

In the physical, old fashion day you would slowly get to know someone, trust them, perhaps have this bond and naturally you move into this psychical place. Where now modern-day, you can log into Facebook or Google someone and know exactly who their friends are to what they ate for dinner.

Unnatural? Fast moving? OH YES.

Facebook official or not … cheating,  jealously,  and commitment may have taken their meaning to a whole new level. Social media awkwardness, embarrassment, or rejection can all take place within a few clicks.

Society is at an all time high with being judgmental and superficial, which is why one must have a grasp on who your TRUE FRIENDS are. Please sensor to what you share and don’t share with the world. Your track record and digital identity is all being captured.

But most of all….Keep it classy.

Many people have asked me to post some basic steps of dating via social media, so here are some basic tips to follow:

1.) Don’t push someone to be “Facebook Official” unless it comes natural. Less is always more. Keep your new relationship status under wraps… your close friends should know what’s going on. If you need to tell the world, go scream it on a cliff somewhere.

2.) Don’t “Facebook friend” random people unless you know them. It makes it less awkward for EVERYONE in the party.

3.) Keep the photos classy. If you have class I shouldn’t have to explain what this means.

4.)  If you meet a potential person of interest, don’t social stalk them or friend them on Facebook. Let the relationship happen natural. That butterfly feeling doesn’t happen often so resist the urge.

5.) Most importantly be interesting on your social outlets. Do the simple 60-30-10 Rule. 60% of the time use your social accounts to make people laugh. 30% of the time use your account to inspire people. 10% of the time use it promote or sell your business/brand.

A lot of people are over or under utilizing  their social presence in every which way, and it can ruin things when one promotes everything they do. It’s a total turn off.

Hope this helps!!

*Virtual Hugs*


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