The Perfect Horoscope Site

It’s my birthday month! I’m a Virgo and I thought it would be perfect timing to tell everyone about my one of my guilty pleasures–Horoscopes.

Call me cliché, but I’m a true believer that everything happens for a reason. I don’t go to a psychic or check every magazine possible for its horoscope, but I will say that Susan Miller’s is fantastically scary. Although her website looks like it was created in 1996, she has made a clear living off of this blog with the countless number of books and conventions she attends. She gives in-depth planet/universe summary, along with a short recap without the planet lingo since it can get confusing. She gives all insight to those who are single, married, engaged, upon all topics of career, money, and relationships.

You ultimately decide what your future is, but nothing is wrong with thinking what the future holds. I also think it is important to remember not read into everything and pin point dates, after all it’s just for fun!

So just think when you have to pay your mortgage or rent the first of the month, remember to check too!

Virgo leo-virgo


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