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It’s my birthday month! I’m a Virgo and I thought it would be perfect timing to tell everyone about my one of my guilty pleasures–Horoscopes.

Call me cliché, but I’m a true believer that everything happens for a reason. I don’t go to a psychic or check every magazine possible for its horoscope, but I will say that Susan Miller’s is fantastically scary. Although her website looks like it was created in 1996, she has made a clear living off of this blog with the countless number of books and conventions she attends. She gives in-depth planet/universe summary, along with a short recap without the planet lingo since it can get confusing. She gives all insight to those who are single, married, engaged, upon all topics of career, money, and relationships.

You ultimately decide what your future is, but nothing is wrong with thinking what the future holds. I also think it is important to remember not read into everything and pin point dates, after all it’s just for fun!

So just think when you have to pay your mortgage or rent the first of the month, remember to check too!

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Make It Count

“Travel is the one thing that you buy that will make you richer”

Nike’s #MakeItCount Fuel Band Hash Tag is viral and inspirational to say the least.

Props to Casey Neistat on spending a budget worth watching.

Entreprenuer? A rant from the heart, hip and head

Entrepreneur Mind Set?

You must listen to one of Jersey’s finest, Gary Vaynerchuk. With his dream of buying the Jet’s Professional Football Team one day… not only is he a wine expert, but  he’s a social media brand expert. He’s totally one of God’s hustlers here on Earth! Love this guy!

Gary wrote Crush It! Why Now is the Time to Cash in on your Passion, in October 2009. In the first weeks of its release it climbed to #1 on the Amazon Best Seller list for Web Marketing books. It also opened at #2 on the New York Times bestseller list and #7 on the Wall Street Journal Bestseller List.

The book encourages people to determine what truly makes them happy and pursue monetizing around it on the internet. It argues that because of recent social and technological trends the cost of producing content has been driven low enough that passion, knowledge, and effort, which the book calls “sweat equity”, are now all one needs to build a brand and business.

A rant from the heart, hip and head…

“Pass On” Poem by Michael Lee

We all deal with loss of a loved one in different ways. I’ve never really considered myself a poetry fan, but this particular piece grabbed me instantly. Therefore, I’m going to prep you for something very artistic and deep to those who aren’t ready to read/watch what is below.  (serious tone)

“Pass On”

When searching for the lost remember 8 things.

We are vessels.
We are rooms.
We are so much less important than the things inside of us.
We are circuit boards
swallowing the electricity of life upon birth.
It wheels through us creating every moment,
the pulse of a story, the soft hums of labor and love.
In our last moment it will come rushing
from our chests and be given back to the wind.
When we die. We go everywhere.

Newton said energy is neither created nor destroyed.
In the halls of my middle school I can still hear
my friend Stephen singing his favorite song.
In the gymnasium I can still hear
the way he dribbled that basketball like it was a mallet
and the earth was a xylophone.
With an ear to the Atlantic I can hear
the Titanic’s band playing her to sleep,
Music. Wind. Music. Wind.
If you listen to the wind and don’t hear a thousand years of music, you’re not listening hard enough.

The day my grandfather passed away there was the strongest wind,
I could feel his gentle hands blowing away from me.
I knew then they were off to find someone
who needed them more than I did.
On average 1.8 people on earth die every second.
There is always a gust of wind somewhere.

The day Stephen was murdered
everything that made us love him rushed from his knife wounds
as though his chest were an auditorium
his life an audience leaving single file.
Every ounce of him has been
wrapping around this world in a windstorm
I have been looking for him for 9 years.

Our bodies are nothing more than hosts to a collection of brilliant things.
When someone dies I do not weep over polaroids or belongings,
I begin to look for the lightning that has left them,
I feel out the strongest breeze and take off running.

After 9 years I found Stephen.
I passed a basketball court in Boston
the point guard dribbled like he had a stadium roaring in his palms
Wilt Chamberlain pumping in his feet,
his hands flashing like x-rays,
a cross-over, a wrap-around
rewinding, turn-tables cracking open,
camera-men turn flash bulbs to fireworks.
Seven games and he never missed a shot,
his hands were luminous.
Pulsing. Pulsing.
I asked him how long he’d been playing,
he said nine 9 years

The theory of six degrees of separation
was never meant to show how many people we can find,
it was a set of directions for how to find the people we have lost.

I found your voice Stephen,
found it in a young boy in Michigan who was always singing,
his lungs flapping like sails
I found your smile in Australia,
a young girls teeth shining like the opera house in your neck,
I saw your one true love come to life on the asphalt of Boston.

We are not created or destroyed,
we are constantly transferred, shifted and renewed.
Everything we are is given to us.
Death does not come when a body is too exhausted to live
Death comes, because the brilliance inside us can only be contained for so long.
We do not die. We pass on, pass on the lightning burning through our throats.
when you leave me I will not cry for you
I will run into the strongest wind I can find
and welcome you home.

The Happiest People In The World Spend Their Money

People can feel trapped by their careers–whether it’s because they’re earning too little, are waiting for a big payout, or have grown accustomed to a certain lifestyle. Laura Vanderkam’s new book, All the Money in the World: What the Happiest People Know About Getting and Spending, offers a new approach to finances for a modern, more flexible reality.

Work, life, and money are intertwined intimately, and yet they’re rarely addressed together. As the traditional boundaries that used to define “work” and “life” disappear, the conventional beliefs related to money must also evolve.

This is the message of Laura Vanderkam’s new book, All the Money in the World: What the Happiest People Know About Getting and Spending (Portfolio, 2012). By taking on outdated money beliefs, Vanderkam offers a new approach to finances for a modern, more flexible reality. Some of the changes she advocates include:

Be more mindful about what your money could buy. Make purchases that improve your happiness.  For many, that means spending on experiences, not things.  Using the example of the money we have traditionally paid for expensive engagement rings and weddings, Vanderkam calculates how many trips, periodic bouquets of flowers, date nights, babysitters, and hours of housecleaning that money could buy over the years.  These are services and experiences that, in the long run, could bring more enjoyment to a couple than a big ring and wedding.

Challenge the big house, big yard, two car “American dream.”  Vanderkam points out that these purchases often come with a longer commute by car, more responsibilities for lawn care, and housekeeping.  Studies show that none of these activities increase happiness.

Don’t just scrimp and save. Find ways to increase your earnings.  Yes, the increased flexibility in work and careers can be scary and unsettling, but it also provides new, exciting opportunities to make more money.  Vanderkam calls it the “1099 mindset.”  Even if you have a more traditional job, think about work the way freelancers or contract workers–people who get 1099s–do. If you are a teacher, tutor. If you’re interested in a topic, start a blog that you monetize. Be creative.

Rethink retirement. In other words, don’t expect to ever retire.  Instead, embrace a second or “encore” career.

Yes, work and life have transformed over the past two decades. With All the Money in the World, Laura Vanderkam is shows us that we have to update and evolve that way we think about money as well.  In addition to the book, you can connect with Vanderkam on her blog, on Twitter, and on Facebook.

What do you think?  How have you found yourself rethinking the way to approach and manage money as your work and career have become less traditional and more flexible?


Dirty Dancing Pinboard

Everyone knows that the movie Dirty Dancing will always hold a special place in my heart, so here’s a pin board of inspiration that I created from my favorite website

“You never forget your first love” ❤

The Hunger Games

Looking for the next pop culture phenomenon in the book and movie world? Pick up The Hunger Games written by Suzanne Collins! If you haven’t seen the buzz The Hunger Games Trilogy is a ground breaking New York Times bestseller book series being produced into 4 movies by Lionsgate Films. Yes 4 movies… not 3 movies.  It’s a quick read and easy read that will keep you very entertained.

Megan Reading

The Hunger Games is written in first person and introduces sixteen-year-old Katness Everdeen, who lives in a post-apocalyptic world in the country of Panem where the countries of North America once existed. This is where a government working in a central city called the Capitol holds power. In the book, the Hunger Games are an annual televised event where the Capitol chooses one boy and one girl aged 12 to 18 from each of 12 districts for a massive televised battle in which only one person can survive.

Release of the first film will be on March 23, 2012

Purchase all 3 books here:

Watch Trailer