Beauty- Nobody Can Define It

Call me old fashion and repetitive, but beauty is within yourself. Days, weeks, and sometimes months go by without us reflecting on how gorgeous we are.

I recently stumbled upon this 2010 interview between Jessica Simpson and Oprah Winfrey discussing Jessica’s Vh1 show called “The Price of Beauty.” However, the show was not the interesting part, but more the genuine real words that pertained to Jessica’s weight.

“The pressure that women feel to be beautiful,the pressure that the media puts on women it’s so unfair and it’s so disgusting,” says Jessica. “Nobody else can define it but myself. Nobody’s words, nobody’s compliments, nobody’s love, it’s all what I have within myself. I really don’t care what people say.”

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Besides loving her beautiful words, I couldn’t help but plug in a new shoe within the Jessica Simpson Collection.


Glossy patent leather and a sky-high heel make the Pattina from Jessica Simpson an absolute stunner. Simple yet statement-making, this open toe sandal has criss-crossing elastic straps around the ankle for comfort, and a minimal patent leather strap across the toe. 5.3 inch heel, 1.6 inch platform. Buy Here for $89 


TOMS Ballet Flats 2012

New Office Kicks? Or perhaps lazy weekend attire?

Spring 2012 will be like Christmas all over again as I await for the mystery date to when I can purchase the new TOMS Ballet Flats Collection. TOMS just put comfy and comfortable into a stylish shoe which RARELY happens! They did it once with their classic shoe, but can they do it again?


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Glossy Ballerinas

Give your arches a break! I’m a big fan of flats in the work place, and there are never enough colors/patterns to mix up an outfit. Aren’t these ballet flats just beautiful? The “Glossy Ballerinas” by Zara have just the right amount of shine on a neutral base. Perfect for work, wedding, or special occasion when you want to stand out without your feet screaming in pain. (Available here for $69.90).



Tori Burch Must-Have Boots

No matter what season it is… these colleen PLATFORM BOOTS by Tori Burch  are must haves! Dress them up or dress them down. Her timeless emblem gives these boots a classic look. Available in black or sienna!

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